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About Siamese Cats

The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats known to man, originating from Asia. It's oriental heritage is very interesting, and the name 'siamese' comes from Siam, which is now known as Thailand. According to some legends, the Siamese was once considered sacred, and kept in temples by priests, and people of extreme importance.


The siamese breed has become one of the most popular in the world, because of it's beautiful appearance and distinctive personality. They are known to be very vocal and demanding cats, with superior intelligence and great affection for their human friends. Siamese cats are very active and make a great pet for people that enjoy spending a lot of time with their animals.


Siamese cats have a tan base, with various types of point markings. The four major types of siamese are seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate points. Seal points have extremely dark brown points, while blue points have gray extremities. Lilacs have pale gray points and chocolate points are a light brown.

The siamese body is generally very long and lean, with a fine thin hair coat. Typically the very long and slim looking siamese has been used for show cats, and the more common siamese with rounder face and body is what we know today.

You may have seen pictures of siamese cats that have crossed eyes, and while this was a trait previously in many of the cats, today it is not as common, and considered a flaw by many breeders. Kinked tails are also a less common trait that doesn't appear much today if you buy from a breeder.

As with other cat breeds, there are 'purebred' Siamese cats that are strictly siamese, and there are some cats out there that may have been bred to be a variation with other breeds. There is some debate on what is considered a 'traditional siamese', and you may run across this as you visit different breeders. Buying from a reputable breeder with proper registration can help ease your concerns, although many Siamese that are sold as 'traditional' are not registered today.


Is the Siamese Cat right for you and your family?

As mentioned before, the siamese is a very demanding cat, and often attaches itself to one individual more than others. They are fine around children and families, but it is recommended that you get a kitten and introduce them to their new surroundings while they are still young. Small children can be stressful on animals in general, but not as hard on the young playful siamese kitten.

In fact, they are very active and love playing, which can be a great match for children.

Costs and other considerations

The costs of buying a Siamese cat or kitten can vary greatly from a siamese breeder.

We recommend that you research the breed before buying a Siamese. Their vocal nature and demanding personality may not be a good match for a select few, but most will not be able to resist the charm and beauty of the Siamese Cat!