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Siamese Cat Breeder Directory Listing Instructions

Hello Siamese breeders! We have created this directory for you to help and promote quality Siamese catteries around the world.

We now have two options for being listed in the Siamese Cat Guide Breeder Directory:

Option 1 - Featured Listing

For a one time charge of $25.00, you can permanently list your site with your cattery name, location, address, phone number, e-mail, short description, and include up to three photos. Payment for the listing is made via paypal. Featured listings will also be highlighted in future newsletters and other marketing promotions. We highly recommend that you consider a featured listing to send more visitors to your Siamese breeder site.

An example featured listing is below:

To add a featured listing:

  1. Click the button below to pay $25.00 for a featured listing via paypal. Click through and select 'pay now' to complete the transaction. (Secure payment is made to BrazenMedia, which is the owner of this Web site)

  2. Once payment is complete, make sure to contact us and include your cattery name, location, address, phone number, and e-mail address, and up to 3 photos that you want on the listing.

  3. Your featured listing will usually be created within 24 hours.

Option 2 - Free Link Exchange

We also have the free option of adding your site to our directory. You must link to us first before we will add you to the directory. Simply add a link to our site, using the information on our link to us page. Once you have placed the link, please contact and tell us where it is located so we may verify that it is correct. Please include your cattery name and city/state and we will add you to our directory as a standard listing. An example of a free listing is below:

City Name

Cattery Name Link


To add a free listing:

  1. Place a link to our site first, using one of the methods on the link to us page.

  2. Once you have linked to us, contact us and include your cattery name and location.

  3. We will add your free listings as soon as possible.
    (Note: Featured listings take priority over free listings and will be added first)


If you are a Siamese cat breeder and still have questions or want to discuss other advertising options, please contact us.