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Frequently Asked Questions About Siameses

Where does the Siamese name come from?

The Siamese breed supposedly originated from Siam, which is now Thailand

What kind of personality does a Siamese have?

They are very intelligent and outgoing cats that are known to be very vocal in nature. Other adjectives used to describe the breed are demanding, active, and graceful. Some have said the Siamese almost has a dog like personality.


What colors does the Siamese come in?

The seal point is the most common color pattern on a Siamese, which is a crème colored body with dark extremities. There are many other color patterns, all which are point colored (the body is light colored while the ‘points' are a different color), and some of the other popular colors include chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point.

How large will the Siamese get?

The adult Siamese is a medium size cat that is long, slender, and muscular in stature. Weights vary but a normal and healthy siamese adult tends to be on small to medium in size compared to other cat breeds.

Is a Siamese easy to take care of?

The coats on Siamese cats are generally smooth and fine, and do not require daily grooming on the part of their owners. Siamese generally do a good job of keeping their coats clean on their own, so bathing is not necessary for the most part.

Are Siamese cats good with children?

The general answer is yes. Each individual cat within the same breed will have it's own unique personality. One Siamese may be more tolerant and loving with children than another, but make sure to always supervise your children with your pet, to make sure they don't get too rough.

Are there variants of the Siamese breed?

Descendants of the Siamese breed include:

Where can I buy a Siamese cat from?

We recommend that you buy a Siamese from a reputable siamese breeder or cattery that is close to your home. Check your local paper or talk with a veterinarian about breeders in your area. We also have a Siamese Cat Breeder directory that you can browse by state, or the internet is a good place to search.